February 2020 Book Wrap Up

Photo of 5 book stacked on top of each other, sign that reads February Reads in the back not in focus.

February 2020, it’s a leap year! For some reason I never really cared about leap years, maybe it was because I didn’t understand them? After 26 years on Earth, I finally get it, it’s pretty cool lol. Being a leap year I got an extra day of reading in, though I finished my last book on Friday night.

February was a slow reading month for me in the beginning. It started off with,

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton. ⅖

I read it because Caitlin at work recommended it last summer. I picked it up on sale months ago and never got around to reading it. It took me almost 2 weeks to finish, and I never take that long to read a book. Now it was a bit longer so that could be why it took me so long, but it is likely due to the slow burn of the story. There were so many details and character plots that you had to keep track of. I enjoyed the idea behind it but the ending really wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Love From A-Z by S.K. Ali. ⅗

I didn’t physically read this book, I used Libby to listen to it on audiobook on my drive up North. It was an 8-hour audiobook so it was the perfect time for my drive. I really enjoyed the voice actors, since each chapter was written from one of two points of view the two voices really brought more life to the story. I really enjoyed Zayneb in the story, she is Muslim and is facing a lot of difficulty at school with a teacher. He is an islamophobe, and she is trying to get him fired. Her story becomes more interesting when she meets Adam while travelling to meet her aunt. I love the fact that both Adam and Zayneb write in the same journal, Marvel and Oddities of The World. Their love is complicated, confusing, but also so pure. I think I might have loved this book a bit more reading it by myself, but I hope they turn this into a movie. It really is great.

Dear Rachel Maddow by Adrienne Kisner. ⅗

I started this book before I went up north for a long weekend, and I had every plan to finish it that weekend but that never happened. Brynn Harper is the main character who is struggling a lot at home, especially after the death of her older brother. She has let her grades slip, and is just counting down the days until she turns 18 and can get out of school. She doesn’t realize it, but she has a great group of friends in the blue room. Brynn is a talented writer, but since she doesn’t have good grades she is no longer part of the school paper. That is until her teacher provides them with an assignment where you are to write your hero an email/letter asking them certain questions. Brynn chooses to write to a local tv news reporter. Brynn ends up using her writing as a way to vent, get things off her chest. She writes to Rachel Maddow throughout the whole semester.

I relate a lot to this because I use my writing as a form of relief, venting, and just getting things out there. This story makes me sad for Brynn but also happy for what she did at school, and how she stood up for herself no matter what people thought. I read a few pages of this book during a fight with Jake, I was happy to have Brynn there distracting me like Rachel was a distraction for her.

Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys. 5/5

This book… omg. It’s only recently that I have started getting into thrillers, and so far I am loving them! This book is about Hope, who is sick with cystic fibrosis. She gets an invite to an abandoned warehouse, but she isn’t sure who from. It turns out other people from her school were invited too. They have the choice, play the dare game, or face your darkest secret is revealed. They have to do dares like bungee jump off a roller coaster and swim with alligators. Hope is trying to figure out who this “society” is, and why they chose her. She just wants this to end. It isn’t until Ethan (her bff) and she finally confesses their love for each other, after spending weeks making each other jealous. Together they figure out who is behind this awful game and how to stop it… or do they?

The ending of this book was nothing like I expected! It honestly just shocked me. I can’t wait to read more thrillers. They are so good. I am so happy that I picked this one up after a string of meh books. My final book of the month,

How to Hack a Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway. 5/5

I got this for Christmas from dad and it was just as good as I hoped it would be. Mel is a computer science graduate working at a help desk for a start-up incubator called Hatch. She is using Fluttr (tinder) to meet guys, and when all goes to crap she decides to code a website that allows women to rate men on Fluttr, and report their bad behaviour like no showing to dates, sending dick pics, or being married. She keeps this whole thing a secret until she finds out the guy she started seeing is on JerkAlert, her website. Alex is completely in the dark on why Mel is acting stand-offish. This story brings a lot of light about being a woman in the 21st century and has to deal with online dating. There are so many smaller plots in this story that I really enjoy, as well as the twists and turns with Mel’s own life with JerkAlert and Alex. It is a must-read if you love a strong female lead character, and some romance too.

This was also the first book that I annotated! It was an interesting experience, but I am really glad that I did it. It made things easier for me to remember when I came back to reading it later, and also jogged my memory when I was trying to write a review or explain the story to other people. I will have to do this with more of my books.

Moral Of The Story: February just flew by, even if it did have an extra day. It did consist of some good reading though.

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