How to Hack a Heartbreak // Book Review

photo of book cover

Have you ever picked up a book, read the first few chapters and thought, OH THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD! That was how I reacted to How To Hack A Heartbreak. 

The book is about Melanie, who works at a help desk at a startup incubator called Hatch. After countless bad dates and dick pics, she swears off online dating and instead makes an app called JerkAlert. On JerkAlert women are allowed to rate guys on Fluttr, the popular dating app. How To Hack A Heartbreak follows Mel though the creation of JerkAlert, a new romance with Alex, and the struggles of being harassed by men in public and at work. 

Why Do I Love How To Hack A Heartbreak?

This book features Melanie, a strong-willed woman, and her group of friends; who stand up for themselves, and defend each other when men treat them terribly. I think having a support system with likeminded people is amazing, and sometimes we don’t experience this in the world today. 

Mel is a computer science major and while working at Hatch she was often ridiculed for not looking like a coder, or for being dumb or being incompetent. She was often harassed by co-workers and was never defended by her superiors. It made me angry that she had to deal with these comments in the workplace. It made me feel good knowing that she wasn’t going to take anyone’s crap anymore. She owned up to her mistakes but also dished it right out if someone offended her.

What I Didn’t Like About How To Hack A Heartbreak?

That it ended! I would have loved to see more about how Mel’s start-up company continued, how her relationship with Alex evolved and grew. With every good book, I am always sad when it ends; I wish the author would just keep writing and writing, feeding me all the tiny little details of these characters’ lives. 

Honestly, the ending was perfect. There were no cliffhangers, or questions left unanswered. This book was so much inspiration for me as I have been wanting to learn how to code for a while now. I love Mel’s energy and her connection with her friends. I would recommend that you all go out and buy this book, it truly is a 5-star book.


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