Heartstopper // Book Review

It has been so long since I have just dove into a graphic novel, and these books did that to me! I tried to space out my reading time because I didn’t want to finish them all so quickly, but that didn’t really happen. As soon as I started, I couldn’t stop. So why does everyone need to read Heartstopper, let me tell you!

Important Topics

I really enjoy books so much more when they talk about important topics that many people often shy away from. Talking about coming out, eating disorders, and bullying are really sensitive topics, but Alice brings them out in her comic with such grace and significance. It is something I really applaud her for because not many people can bring up that many important topics and do it so well. Being someone who often was bullied in high school and had a weird relationship with food, I felt really connected to these books. I felt for Nick and Charlie and as I was reading this book, I knew it was something that must be read by everyone. What I thought was really great was how Alice started the comic with Nick not realizing that he was interested in guys. We get to experience the emotions that Nick went through with Charlie, and we see both perspectives of two guys realizing their love for each other, one as someone who is openly gay, and the other who is still trying to understand his sexuality. Often in LGBTQ+ books that I have read, the characters are already aware of their sexuality, not usually still trying to figure it out. 

They Are Just Goals

Okay, they honestly have the cutest and most innocent relationship. This comic follows Charlie and Nick, they are in high school and experiencing life and love together. There are so many moments in this comic where I as giddy and grinning from ear to ear. As soon as I finished each book, I immediately needed the next, thankfully I ordered the first three volumes at once so I didn’t need to wait. The thing that I loved about Nick and Charlie’s relationship was that it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. They have a lot going on in their lives, being in high school, coming out as bisexual, and experiencing drama at school are really difficult times. They are there for each other through it all. The book shows them arguing, happy, sad, and confused. It doesn’t just show the good, and I think that is how many relationships should be depicted. No relationship is perfect, and that is what makes this book and their relationship so great because you see them work through life together, which is how relationships are.

Other Couples

This comic doesn’t just touch on the gay relationship between Nick and Charlie, but also so many other LGBTQ+ relationships, which is amazing! Seeing Tao and Elle realize their love for each other after so many awkward hangouts is just everything. Okay, who else freaked out over their trip to France? Who wouldn’t fall in love in France?! Darcy and Tara are like the mothers of the group, they are always there supporting people, pushing everyone to be true to themselves and are honestly just great role models. Last, but certainly not least, who else freaked out over Mr. Farouk and Mr. Ajayi, they weren’t part of the comic until volume 3 but omg, I was losing my mind. The whole France trip was just everything for me. This comic is so much more than just Charlie and Nick, and I love it. 

Another fun fact, if you are like me and can’t get the book at your local bookstore you can order it on Book Depository (LINK), they ship to Canada which is amazing for me. You can also stay up to date on the comic on Alice’s website, Tumblr , or Tapas.


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