If You Liked That, Read This!

Does anyone else enter a book store and immediately go to the If You Liked This section? I feel so lucky that my local Indigo always has a section like this and it is frequently updated. For a while, I’ve seen people do these types of posts on Bookstagram but after looking at my bookshelves I decided I had more than a few recommendations so I was going to do a blog post about it! I hope you guys like and agree with the books that I am comparing. I am a fiend for getting books that are similar if I really like them so I have quite a few to choose from.

If You Liked FANGIRL, Read Eliza and Her Monsters

FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell was a book that I was obsessed with last year, I loved the fanfiction aspect of it. If you loved that too, then you will LOVE Eliza and Her Monsters. It also includes a fanfiction aspect, with a bit of romance and just very genuine characters. I loved these books, and it would be really hard to decide which one I love more.

If You Liked Meet Cute, Read Modern Love

Meet Cute is a collection of stories of how people met, some are sad, some cute, and some are hilarious. Modern Love is also a compilation of stories but this book is more geared towards relationships, love stories and love in the modern world. I think both of these books are filled with so much romance and an honest inside of relationships. 

If You Liked All The Bright Places, Read The Last Time We Say Goodbye

All The Bright Places pulled at my damn heartstrings. It made me sad but also was so relatable to how people really struggle with mental illness. The Last Time We Say Goodbye is about a girl who loses their brother, and she is struggling to figure out what happened and how to get over it. To me, this is a great compliment to All The Bright Places it focuses on a connection between two people who are both struggling with mental illness and how they are trying to help each other, and The Last Time We Say Goodbye is how the people struggle with it after the worst, suicide. 

If You Liked One of Us is Lying, Read The Girl in the Picture

You guys know I’ve been obsessed with Karen McManus for months now, I’ve read all her books and I can’t wait for her newest one to come out. A thriller that I read before her books, wasThe Girl in the Picture. I think this book is amazing and both of these books follow a murder and they are trying to determine who the killer is. Both books have evidence that leads the police to the wrong killer, and the suspects need to determine what actually happened.

Do you guys agree with my comparisons? Do you think there are other books that are similar or complement theses books? I would love your recommendations 😀

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