April 2020 Reading Wrap Up

Where did the month of April go?! With the coronavirus going around I have obviously spent most of April inside, trying to keep myself busy. There were a lot of high and lows to my reading this month, moments when I would read for hours non-stop and go days without reading. I did, however, read some great books this month, and I ended it on a low. I have been trying to read my first Stephen King book. I am about 50 pages in and can’t bribe myself to continue right now lol. So let’s dive into the books I DID read this month.

Two Can Keep a Secret 5/5

I’m a huge Karen McManus fan! If that wasn’t already obvious from my previous reviews of her books. Two can keep a secret did not disappoint. It follows the same type of writing as her other two books, a great YA thriller for sure. I loved the characters and their hint of romance as well. Her books always are mainly thrillers but have a hint of love. The ending of this book though, the very last line. It’s WILD! Stay tuned for a more in-depth review. 

What Light 4/5

I bought this book back in my 13 Reasons Why phase, where I wanted everything Jay Asher wrote. This book though was not what I expected! Mostly because I bought it so long ago I forgot, and chose to read it because I loved the cover. If I had known the plot of this story I would have saved it for my December Christmas TBR. Anyways, this story is so cute! It honestly made me connect so much with Sierra and her family. If you want a lovely book about a family who owns a tree farm please read this. I loved it and it is full of some great lessons. Don’t believe everything you hear, and don’t judge people because of their past.

In Real Life 4/5

If you follow me on bookstagram then it will be no surprise to you that there are two graphic novels on this list. The purchase of this book was mainly due to the art lol but I ended up LOVING the story behind this book. It features women in video games, which is something you rarely read about. The story showed so much compassion for other players. It teaches you that things don’t always go as planned, and that you must stand up for what you believe in. 

The Guardian 5/5

Damn you Nicholas Sparks, Why do I have to love your books so much. When I chose this book I was needing a change of pace from a previous thriller and Nicholas Sparks always brings me some good sappy romance. This, however, was that and MORE! I had no idea that he could start a story off with love and then end it like a major thriller. I was reading and was just more shocked the more I read. He combined the perfect aspects of a romance novel and a thriller all in one. This might be one of my favourite books by him now. PLEASE READ IT!

Bloom 4/5

My last read of the month… Bloom. This was actually recommended to me from someone on bookstagram when I mentioned my love for Heartstopper. I finished this graphic novel in a day lol I just couldn’t stop! It is a lovely story about Ari, who’s family owns a bakery and he wants nothing to do with it. It follows him while he is trying to figure out his life, what he wants to do, and what makes him happy. The art in this book is beautiful, it’s all monotone and just gorgeous. The back of the book has a bread recipe, some beautiful sketch concepts and pretty illustrations. I strongly recommend checking out Bloom, it is a wonderful LGBTQ+ coming of age story, and who doesn’t love baked goods!

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