How Covid-19 is Affecting My Reading

COVID-19 or the Coronavirus is obviously raging through the world right now. It is crazy to think that I have been home from work now for a month. Who would have thought this would ever happen? Not me, I mean maybe but not to this extent. I keep thinking that my reading has been greatly affected by the coronavirus, but after having a full month to review my reading habits this is what I have determined.

While it doesn’t seem like I am doing any reading at all, I am still getting through the same amount of books every month. I usually average 4-5 books a month. This is usually because I only read between work and school so I don’t have much time. I expected to get a TON of reading done now that I am at home but I just haven’t been motivated. That is totally ok! While I might not spend every moment of my day reading, I am still getting through the books I want to read. Ok, that sounds like I am forced against my will, I’m totally not lol but once I start a book I want to finish it in a timely manner!

book read GIF by Lobster Studio

While I am not reading from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, I am reading in much larger chunks than normal. I think I would typically average about an hour a day of reading, maybe more if I read during my lunch break. Currently, I will sit down for a few hours and finish a book in a day or two. I now need to take a break for a couple of days because I did a lot of reading in a large chunk of time, and I need to switch it up. So initially, it feels like I have done no reading at all but I am happy to realize that I have been doing a good amount of reading.

How have you been doing with your reading during the pandemic? I know a few people who haven’t been doing much reading and that is totally ok! Sometimes things are just too stressful to read, or you have too many people around to just find a good time to read. Reading might help during this time too; to pass the time or even give them something else to focus on. 

United Friends GIF by YouTube

None of this is ideal, but I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this crazy time. Keep up with whatever normal you have created for yourself, I’m on my bookstagram every day so come hang out if you need something to do! 

Moral of The Story: Reading or not reading, you are doing great!

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