Breathless Trilogy // Series Review

Rush, Fever, Burn. These are three wonderful book titles that I think encompass this series perfectly. This is totally part of the Erotica genre, which you might be able to tell from the titles, but they are very passionate, endearing and intimate as well. The core 4 characters, Gabe, Jace, Mia, and Ash carry through the whole series. Maya Banks makes you feel like you know them personally and that you are part of their friend group. They all live a very wealthy life, due to the hard work the men have put in starting their hotel business, and it is amusing to see how they live and spend their money. While these men have everything they could need, they are missing out on love.

This series heavily involves dominant and submissive relationships. Often when these types of relationships are expressed or discussed it can be done poorly, coming off as if the author doesn’t actually understand that type of relationship. Many people think that this type of relationship can be abusive but if done properly it is very endearing. I love a good sex scene but the ones in these books were very tasteful and you felt the love between the characters. She describes each move and thought through the characters like you are living through it with them. I got chills sometimes reading them.

I loved that Maya wrote the men of this book to be very dominant and assertive in what they wanted, but also completely love-struck and would do anything to please their women. This is essential in portraying a BDSM relationship! I think it was expressed beautifully and there was a great storyline that followed through the whole series and it wasn’t just a group of sex scenes. I think my favourite couple out of them all would have to be Ash and Josie. I related so much with Josie, loving the dominant side of Ash but also needing her independence and feeling like she has value. In the other two books, Mia and Bethany were ok with going about their lives with the sole purpose as a stay at home wife. But that just isn’t super relatable for me.

There is a little bit of relationship drama in each book, which I think makes things a bit more exciting but also shows the readers that all relationships have problems and sometimes you can work through things, and other times you need to stand your ground and for what you believe in. Often times submissives in these types of relationships worry about standing up for themselves and I think it was a good thing that was added to these books. She also didn’t make the women dumb, or ditzy. They are all complicated, determined, and strong women. They fight for what they want and believe in. So what if they like to be submissive in the bedroom, that doesn’t mean they are weak.

Along with relationship problems, there are also some violent accidents in every book. Like most books, there are plot twists that happen in each book and they are very well done. They aren’t too overpowering or take away from the plot but they also add a bit of edge. I really enjoyed that they all came full circle too. While I did feel like each book was ended rather abruptly, I did like that I never really had any questions unanswered. 

Overall, I would rate this series 4 stars. They are each beautifully written and flow wonderfully into each other. I was able to finish one and start another and still feel like I was in that world. While I did take a break in the middle and fell into a reading rut, I was able to pick up where I left off and continued on. They are easy books to pick up, and you won’t want to put them down.

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