A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder // Book Thoughts

I struggled picking a new book this time around. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to read, another romance? Hmm. So many options. Luckily I have someone was able to make a decision. They chose this book for me to read next, so let’s jump into Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

Early in the book Pip brings up race and how the reporter Stanley was being prejudice in his reporting. Making a white serial killer seem like a “love sick man” but Sal was considered a killer, murderer and monster even though he was never convicted, all because he was of Indian heritage. I applaud Pip for confronting Stanley, because that is just straight up bullshit! You go Pip, stand up for what you believe in! I’m glad that this book brought in a topic like this as well because it also shows what kind of character Stanley is, clearly not a good one.

Ok so I know I’m only about 50 pages in but I’m thinking I know who the killer might be. I’m putting money down on Naomi Ward. It just all seems too fishy to me. Ravi mentioned that Naomi was in love with Sal, but he wasn’t interested, is that motive? I think in many books or movies it is, and jealousy is a bitch. Also, side note. This book reminds me a lot of Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus. It also has two people who were friends of the victim or accused who still remained at home or moved back after a lot of anxiety or troubles. People are just trying to figure out what actually happened. There were also other criminal events that occurred and were kept a secret. Just a thought. 

I’ve realized while reading this book that everyone in this town seems to be hiding something or is very sketchy. It’s like no one wants to talk about Andie or what happened to her. I understand it’s a terrible thing that happened but everyone just tried to wrap it up and move on. Why isn’t anyone discussing the weird things that Pip is unveiling ? I get Andie wasn’t a saint but she was still murdered! And who is leaving here these creepy and scary messages? Something serious is going to happen! But what’

I am about 260 pages in and DAMN! I would just like to say that I called it. While Naomi wasn’t actually the killer like I thought. I knew she was hiding some shit. I count that as some bonus points at least. I can’t imagine living with that kind of lie all the time, and being around Max who was responsible for so much stress in her life. I just want it to be said that I don’t like him. Obviously. I can’t wait for Part 3, who fucking killed Andie?!

Omg wtf!! The dog? Really!! You had to do something with the damn dog. My heart just sank. Pip was so close to solving everything and this damn person threatened her dog and when she actually does what they want it still backfires. And poor Ravi, I totally get why Pip wants to stop everything but he needs to prove his brother is innocent and they are so close! What is going on? Who is this person ?!

Ok seriously the saved printer setting is genius. I am constantly amazed by Pippa’s investigation skills and the ways that she gets information. I know she is terrified after everything she has been through but I’m so proud of her for staying strong and pushing through because she knows she has to do what is right. I am just shocked at what is happening in this book.

Find my friend app, seriously Pip, you’re so smart! Also, max what the actual fuck?! You’re the worst person, a vile rapist gargoyle doesn’t even begin to explain how awful you are! There are like a million reasons why I don’t like you, and every time I see your name I just hate you more. Why are you just such an ass hat?! I have to leave the last 20ish pages for later because I have to go to work and I totally don’t want to stop reading. This book is amazing, from the very beginning I needed to know what was going to happen and who was responsible. There were so many back stories and hidden things that were always being uncovered. I can’t wait to finish this! 

Ahhhhhh!!! This book was just perfect! I honestly haven’t read such a great book like this in a bit. To be fair I’ve read a lot of great thrillers but this one is totally up there. Pip and Ravi are just total badasses, I love their interactions together and their push for each other. I loved that I didn’t know who it was until the very end. It was a total plot twist. My favourite was the ending though, it just wrapped everything up and turned such an awful story into a happy ending, sort of. I’m so glad that this book exists and if you love crime podcasts, investigations, and murder then totally check it out. 

One thing though… Did Pip get accepted into the school she wanted?! I hope she did, she deserves it!

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