Turtles All The Way Down // Book Review

John Green, you do a wonderful job bringing awareness and insight into mental health. I don’t always love his books, and I was honestly a little skeptical about this one but I knew I had to read it eventually. First of all, I am really glad that I did. It is a beautiful read. It flowed so well and each detail given explained something else. Secondly, I am so happy that this book talks about some difficult topics like family troubles, disappearances, OCD, and mental health. It brings so much insight into what it’s like to live with OCD and how it affects not only the individual but the people around them as well. 

Aza is such a complicated character but also very much defined by her mental illness, OCD. You don’t really notice in the beginning, you think it’s just a little habit, something she has control over. As you read through the book you notice that her OCD consumes her, it’s either there at 99% or nothing. Every time you hear Aza talk about her OCD to herself it breaks your heart. I feel like her mom, you just want to do everything to protect her from a world that will crush her. 

One part that really got to me was when Daisy and Aza were fighting. You know that they are the best of friends but there was so much pent up aggression about their friendship. You could feel them drifting away and you just want to bring them back together. 

Now onto Davis, what a complicated character, but one that is so perfect too. He has dealt with so much crap surrounding his dad, raising his little brother, and dealing with being in the public eye. You wouldn’t assume that Davis and Aza are perfect for each other but when you read his blog entries about her, you know they share a deep connection. 

Ocean Wildlife GIF by BBC America

The ending of this book, or more the second half was really more interesting for me. John green does a wonderful job of wrapping up stories and they end so gracefully. It’s not forced or rushed at all which is just what I like! 

Also, WTF is a tuatara ?!

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