July 2020 // Reading Wrap Up

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas (e-book)

5 Stars

I read this book with a wonderful group of people! It was my first ever read along and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed this book, it is completely relevant to everything going on in the world and the Black Lives Matter movement. I strongly recommend this book, to everyone! It was a huge insight into how black people feel growing up and how racism can be prevalent in something small, but it is still extremely terrible. 

Fever, Burn – Maya Banks

Both 4 Stars

I was so happy to be finishing up this series this month. I started it last month after sitting on my shelves for years. It is a wonderful erotica series and I love the characters so much. Each book follows a different couple in a friend group, and you read about how these characters grow and develop in their relationships. 

Turtles All The Way Down – John Green

4 Stars

I have been terrified to read this book. I haven’t really loved any of John Green’s other books after TFIOS. I really wanted to enjoy this book and I totally did! It was really interesting to read about Aza and her OCD. Not often do you get to read about a character and be inside her head while the OCD gets out of control. It also follows an interesting plot about finding Davis’s dad!

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder – Holly Jackson

5 Stars

Omg this book! I LOVED everything about it. So much! It was just perfect. I loved the format of the book too, it follows Pip as she tries to figure out a murder that happened a few years ago in her town. She is so determined and focused on finding out the truth, even if it gets herself into trouble. The plot twist in the end just shook me! I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Classmates Vol. 1 – Asumiko Nakamura

3 Stars

On my first trip back to the bookstore after Covid I was determined to get started with new manga! There was one lonely little book, and it was Classmates so I knew I needed to rescue it. This book was a bit confusing in the beginning but it was really sweet. I am excited to read the others when I can find them.

How To Make Friends With The Dark – Kathleen Glasglow

4 Stars

I almost DNF’d this book because it was so incredibly sad! It focuses on Tiger and how her life is constantly changing after her mother died. You are with her during the moments before she died and while she grieves her death. You seriously just want to hold Tiger and tell her everything will be ok, even if you don’t know if it will be. 

My Dark Vanessa – Kate Elizabeth Russell

4 Stars

I have been eyeing this book for a while now. I knew it would be a tough read so I needed to mentally prepare myself. It was such a great book, but it was totally triggering. It is about a girl who is seduced by her teacher in boarding school. It follows their relationship from 15-30 and how he has affected her life. I would strongly recommend this book but beware of the trigger warnings.

The Golden Sheep Vol. 1 – Kaori Ozaki

4 Stars

This manga was also part of my first bookstore trip back. I was just obsessed with the cover and how cute it was. I love Tsugu, seeing her coming back to her home town and the friends she missed so much was so heartwarming until you realize how much things have changed in the group. I would strongly recommend reading this manga, I just picked up the other two volumes and I’m so excited to see what happens!

Red, White, and Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

5 Stars

Instagram has been telling me to read this since I bought it months ago and I am so sad I didn’t read it earlier. It just satisfies all my British obsessions and gay relationships! It also follows a bit of royal and political fun which is really interesting. I don’t want to give much away but I love Alex and Nora! You should totally read this if you loved Heartstopper. It’s amazing and cute.

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