5 feet Apart // Movie Adaptation


If you guys haven’t read my book review on 5 Feet Apart, do so now! It explains my feelings towards the book, why I was frustrated with the ending and how a few scenes played out. Late on a Friday night, I was searching through the catalogue on Prime Movie and saw the movie adaptation for 5 Feet Apart. I thought there was no better time to finally watch the movie and see how it held up to the book.

I just finished the movie about 10 minutes ago… the tears are all cried out, and snot is still dripping from my nose. What a wild ride the last hour and a half was!

My First Impressions

It has been a few months since I’ve read the book, but I knew the premise and what was a let down for me. I was curious to see if the movie would have the same storyline or end the same. My verdict? The movie was very similar to the story; I was really impressed. Obviously not every little detail was brought in but the main plot points were kept right from the book and this made me really happy! I was so scared that the birthday balloon hunt wouldn’t occur but thankfully it is there! One scene that I did notice was a little different was near the end of the film when Stella falls into the water. I don’t remember the book talking about her falling off the bridge into the water. 

The book copy that I have has the actor and actress on the cover, so the characters were just as I imagined. Though I never saw a photo of Poe, he was just as I imagined; which made me super happy, obviously. I did notice that in the beginning, Stella seemed a little bit more laid back in the movie than the book, but maybe that is just me. Poe though… that guy made me laugh out loud even more in the movie than the book. I loved his character and personality so much. I am so happy his character didn’t disappoint in the movie.

The Best Scenes?

I don’t know if I would call these the best scenes, but they were the ones that made me cry and feel a lot of emotions! The first one, when Abby’s death was first brought up. Will and Stella got into a spat about it, and then Stella and Poe argued about it as well. It made my heart so sad. You knew Stella was still struggling with the loss of her sister, and I just wanted to hold her and tell her it would be ok. In the second scene, when Stella needed to go in for surgery to get her G tube fixed. She was so scared, and her sister wouldn’t be there to help her during a crappy time. Will found the sweetest way to cheer her up and help her relax. It was so sweet to see him show her how much he cared for her. It made me so happy for them both.

Want to know what my two favourite scenes were in the whole movie? When Stella and Will are sitting by the pool and take their clothes off to reveal their scars on their sick bodies. It was so touching and sad. They looked at each other with so much lust and admiration. It made my heart truly happy. The next best scene was when Will had to convince Stella to get the lungs; they were in the hospital, and she didn’t want the lungs because they would mean nothing without Will. It was heartbreaking to know that when she got the lungs she couldn’t be around him. Also watching him leave her in the hospital had me in the biggest crying fit. The love that they scared could never be good for each other, physically. It hurt to know they couldn’t be together.

What Didn’t I Like?

Poe still dies! Why does Poe still need to die? I hate that even in the movie there is no real explanation as to why he dies. It makes me sad that in the movie they really don’t touch on it at all. In the book, they at least tell you that his lung collapsed, but seeing Stella standing there as they are trying to resuscitate Poe kills me. Also, they never show the scene where Michael comes to collect Poe’s things. I think this is because the real ending in the book doesn’t happen in the movie. Stella and Will don’t meet up at the airport months later when they are both travelling. I am happy with how the movie ended, a bit better than the book, but still not what I wanted. The book didn’t focus on Stella’s desire to travel to the Sistine Chapel; they have a scene where you see it on her master list but it isn’t really focused on like it was in the book.

Overall, The movie was really great. I would recommend it to anyone who read the book, and to people who didn’t. It reminded me so much of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. There was also a song that played in this movie that also played in FIOS. 

Moral Of The Story: If you want to cry for an hour and a half then watch this movie

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