I’ve Only Camped Twice in 26 Years

Drift wood sitting on the beach. Grass poking through the sand with a grey overcast sky.

Camping… It is an activity that my family never partook in growing up. Simply because they just didn’t see the appeal in it. I don’t really blame them. Who wants to sleep on the ground, pee in the bushes, and cook food on fire for fun? Now that I am 26 I finally decided to go camping for the second time in my life. The first time was in university for a research class. I don’t even want to count it because it SUCKED. The professors let everyone drink, people were ruining tents, screaming at all hours of the night, and it was cold and rainy. To me, I am counting this recent camping experience as my first real one. 

My camping experience started in Rondeau Provincial Park. Let me tell you, this park is GORGEOUS! I honestly want to travel to every provincial park in Canada now. Each is always so different and I love being outside in nature. Rondeau has some beautiful cottages along the shore, I just imagine sitting on the dock reading books or writing.

Our adventure started off a bit rocky lol, we forgot some bags about halfway there and had to return back home. It was all part of the ride though! When we finally got to the park it was around 8 so the sun was just setting. We had to set up camp in the dark but it was still awesome! There were so many people because it was a long weekend. Next time I will remember to not go on the long weekend. Luckily we went from Sunday-Tuesday so it cleared out pretty quick Monday morning. The weather forecast was actually calling for a lot of rain, so we decided to ditch the tent and sleep in the back of the truck, which was surprisingly comfortable! Who needs a tent for camping?! That night we went to bed because we were both exhausted.

3 am comes and the storm is pretty strong. There is thunder, lightning, and a lot of rain! It was so peaceful to be nice and warm in bed but still be able to watch the storm. It reminded me of the times my family would sit on the porch and watch the storms come in. We stayed up for a few hours before falling back asleep. 9:30 rolled around and we decided to get up and drive to the nearest town for better wood for the fire. The wood at the park was really wet so it was tricky to work with. We made an awesome breakfast of eggs and toast before starting our day.

The weather had calmed down so we took our chance to wander down to the beach. I am SO glad that we did this! It was probably the highlight of the trip for me. The beach was beautiful. It was covered in pretty rocks, driftwood, and the weather wasn’t very hot. We walked along the shoreline collecting pretty rocks as mementos. It was a dream really. I am so happy that I brought my phone to take photos. I want to remember this walk forever.

After our beach stroll, we tried to take a trail that would lead us to the tip of the park but it was super washed out from all the rain. It sucked that we couldn’t see the tip but it is just more of an excuse to go back again someday. That afternoon consisted of relaxing, reading, and yummy camp food. As someone who never camps I honestly didn’t know what to pack for food. I was surprised by how good everything tasted from being cooked on the open flames. I could eat hot dogs for days lol.

In the evening we took a walk to the shoreline to watch the sunset, we had planned to get some ice cream but the store closed just 10 minutes before we arrived! What a bummer. We didn’t let it ruin our time, we found a cute bench to watch the sunset over the bay. It was gorgeous. I honestly just felt so at peace. We wandered back to camp and had one last fire for the weekend. We burned all the remaining wood and paper, ate awesome baked potatoes, and talked about our weekend. The following morning we packed up quick in the rain and headed home.

While I always thought that I wouldn’t like camping, and often turned down any opportunity to do so growing up, I am SO happy and thankful for this past weekend. It as so relaxing, fun, and an awesome experience. I enjoyed being in nature and realizing that I can and do enjoy camping. I can’t wait to go more next summer!

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