August 2020 Reading Wrap Up

Ok so it’s almost the end of September but I never did my August Reading Wrap Up! I kept thinking ok I will just skip August but I read so many adorable books that I can’t just skip over it.

August was a decent reading month for me. There was really only a week or two where I really got into reading, the rest of the month I was just coasting through life. I am starting to realize this is a bit of a trend. Oh well. Here is what I read in August!

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

3/ 5 Stars

Ok hear me out with this one, It is not a pretty close read to Harry Potter? I know that it says it is supposed to be her own retelling of the “chosen one” but come on, it was so much alike. I struggled to get into the book but after I got past the first 50-100 pages I was invested and needed to know what happened to Simon and Baz. I was actually happy with what the book turned into and I could get past the Harry Potter stuff. I do own the other books in this series and will definitely be reading them.

Go Ask Alice – Beatrice Sparks

3/ 5 Stars

This book was difficult for me to read, not because it was written poorly but the subject matter was just difficult. I gave it only 3 stars because there were points where I was kind of confused. It makes sense now but this was a book I couldn’t just read in one sitting. I had to take breaks for a couple days and pick it back up again. It broke my heart though. Read this if you want to cry!

The Golden Sheep Vol. 2 and Vol 3 – Kaori Ozaki

4/ 5 Stars

I loved these volumes almost more than the first one. The story is still so sweet and I think by Volume 3 I was heavily attached to these characters. This is one of the first manga type of books that I have read and it was very touching. I am so sad that the story doesn’t continue any more but I am hoping for another volume in the future!

Nick and Charlie – Alice Oseman

5/ 5 Stars (Duh!)

If you know my reading habits at all then you know I love Alice Oseman. This was supposed to be a Solitaire 1.5 but I haven’t read Solitaire yet and I still loved it! Nick and Charlie honestly just make me feel so happy and warm inside. Their relationship is depicted as real and raw which I admire from Alice. You follow Nick and Charlie as they work through how they are going to deal with a long distance relationship when Nick goes off to uni. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions but beautiful nonetheless.

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