Nights in Rodanthe // Book Review

You know if I read a Nicholas Sparks book that I am going to review it! How can I not?! 

I haven’t been reading much lately and I wanted to turn that around. I knew that while camping this past weekend I needed to pack a book with me. I chose Nights in Rodanthe because I only wanted to pack one book, and you can’t go wrong with Nicholas Sparks. I have never hated one of his books. It just made sense. 

This book is a bit shorter than the rest of his others, only 222 pages. I have read 7 of his books so far and while this book was good it wasn’t one of my favourite of his. It was published in 2002 so it is one of his older books but it just didn’t quite get me fully immersed like his other books. 

I loved Adrienne as a character but the ending was quite obvious from the beginning. I’m sure it was supposed to be obvious but I just love it when it’s a surprise! I felt like I connected with Paul a lot through the retelling of his life, and I wish that we got a bit more of that when he went to Ecuador. I know logistically that wouldn’t make sense for the story but it’s what I wanted lol.

There were also parts in the story where it jumped from a retelling, back to Adrienne talking to her daughter Amanda. I don’t know if it was just me or if these transitions weren’t as smooth as I typically expect from his writing. 

The love story was good though. It was cautious, passionate, and real. It was from a different perspective than he typically writes about. I am so used to his characters being younger, or reconnecting when they are older. Both Adrienne and Paul are middle-aged when they meet and they go through the troubles of realizing their lives are on different paths and cannot be together. It is heartbreaking but very real to me. I love that he added in some of the love letters that were written by Paul. I wish there were more of those. 

Of course, my heart broke with Mark’s letter at the end. I so badly wanted them to live happily ever after but Nicholas Sparks likes to just rip our hearts out and stomp on them after feeling so deeply for his characters. While I did enjoy this book I would only give it a ⅗. It was cute but just not enough for me. 

If you want a quick, easy, cute love story then totally check out this book. It was still a good read!

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