Red White and Royal Blue // Book Review

Seriously this book is everything I want and more! An obsession with England, Check. Snarky and passionate LGBTQ+ romance, Check. Difficult life decisions and betrayal, check check and check! It just checks all of my reading must-haves. I just finished reading this book and I am so warm and fuzzy inside. 

People have been telling me for months that I need to read this book, that it will become my new obsession but I didn’t love the hype around it. I am always so worried I will go in with such high expectations but with this book, you will NOT be disappointed. Trust me, just read it.

Chapter three cover of the book over a patio in Niagara Falls . Shows the American falls and views of the park

If you were reading this book with me you totally would have been annoyed by my endless giggles, and constant swooning over Alex and Henry. Their banter gave me life! I loved reading about the White House Trio and watching them go through their crazy lives, together. You just want to cheer June on for doing what she is passionate about, laugh at Nora’s craziness and determination, and just hold hands with Alex as shit hits the fan. There are so many life lessons and difficult situations that are handled in this book and I love it all.

What was my favourite part? When Alex is faced head-on with his sexuality. This was a part of the book that I really loved to see him go through. Often you hear people talk about their experience with knowing they were gay and how it felt for them. It was awesome to see how it felt for Alex because I think in many ways it is the same way I have felt. Growing up I had a few people totally tell me that they think I could be a lesbian. I honestly was offended that they said that and were hurt by it. I was young and didn’t know what to make of it. As I’ve gotten older I have come to accept that if I fall in love with a woman I am totally ok with that. If I fall in love with a man I am also ok with that. I won’t let someone’s gender or sexuality determine my love for them. I’m not 100% sure what that means but it’s just how I feel. Reading Alex go through the same motions that I went through just made me feel whole. 

Picture of book cover infront of a window

The part of this book that I was most worried about was the political aspect. Alex is the FSOTUS (First Son Of The United States) and there is a bit of behind the scenes action of a re-election campaign and what it means for this family. I think the political aspect was handled really well! For someone who typically doesn’t care for political banter, this book talked about it in a way that average people would understand. It is fun to see what it is like a bit to be the child of the First Woman President. 

While my obsession with England runs deep, Henry ticks off all my lovely British fantasies. He is just lovely, and everything I can picture in a British Prince. From his cute British rambling to covered in Burberry. I love who he is as a person, how he writes, and how he was brave in standing up for himself and what he wanted. You go, Henry! Also, Did anyone else keep forgetting his name was Henry and not Harry. He reminds me a little of Prince Harry lol.

Anyways, enough of my gushing about this book. It’s amazing, please read it and let me know what you think! Do you have any book recommendations that are similar to this? Leave them in the comments below.

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