Radio Silence // Book Review

Typically I write my book reviews after finishing the book because I like to have the full picture, as often my opinions might change once I know how it is all wrapped up but that isn’t the case with this review.

According to Goodreads I am 79% through Radio Silence and my heart is just broken. I was up late last night reading and I just had to stop, I couldn’t take anymore. Continuing this morning was probably the wrong way to start my day. I have never felt so much for a character before I met Frances. It is honestly like looking into my life, it is a little weird. Initially, I didn’t relate to her that much but loved her as a person. The Universe City stuff came out, and then her talking about School Frances and it hit me. We are the same person. 

Growing up I had a group of friends but never really clicked with them. They were all nice but I often bailed on events together and we didn’t always hang out outside of school. I always tried to focus on school and what I wanted for my future. Much like Frances.

I was so happy for Frances when she and Aled became friends. It was like she could finally be herself and had someone to share that side of herself with. It made me so genuinely happy. I was giddy with excitement when I was reading. In high school, a friend and I gushed over a webcomic and it made me so happy to have someone to share that with, much like Aled and Universe City. 

When Aled and Frances had their fight, I just broke down. I totally understood why Aled was upset, but at the same time, Frances did her best to keep everything a secret. She never meant for this to happen! My heart just felt so deeply for this part of the book. After high school I never really kept in contact with my friends, I went off to university and shut them all out. I made a great group of friends in university but I have closed them off too. Now I am just here alone like Frances. Wanting to message them and make it all better but not knowing how to. It’s sad. I wish Frances was a person so we could be friends. 

Luckily there is 21% left of this book, and it will break my soul if more keeps happening on this downward trend. If things can work out for Frances then maybe there is hope for me too lol.

Ok I am done with the book, THANK GOD! I was honestly so nervous that Frances and their friends would get to Aled when it was too late. I was terrified that he was going to die and I don’t think I could have handled that. Luckily all is good. They rescue him and bring him home. I loved the ending of the book. While I thought it was a bit quick I think it ended perfectly, with Universe City, and everything was back on track.

I would strongly recommend reading this book, and any by Alice Oseman. She is a wonderful writer and illustrator. I have loved every book by her.

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