2021 // What Should I Expect?

After 2020 I feel like we all need a vacation, though that is the last thing we can do right now. It is so hard to even think about making new year resolutions or being hopeful for 2021 after the year we all suffered through. 2020 was an awful year in terms of political, economical, and health terms. It was a complete shit show, but it also wasn’t all that bad. Personally I was able to spend more time focusing on myself. It was hard to get used to whatever was going on in the world but I prioritized myself when I could. Now, what do I do in 2021 since the world is still just as much as a mess? 

I have always made new year’s resolutions and I have decided this year that I’m not going to make any. So much of my life I have tried to plan every little detail, it’s honestly a bit much if you ask me. 2021 is going to be the year where I just do things that make me happy. I’m just going to do me, 100%. That might seem easy for some people but it is TRICKY for me. Often I am stuck in my own head and will do anything to make the people around me happy, sacrificing my own happiness. No longer! Sharla is the priority now. 

I started 2021 high on edibles, and I’m totally ok with that. I could focus on how crappy 2021 will be because I can’t travel, no coffee shop writing afternoons, no shopping for books for hours. It sucks but I want to be content with staying home and being in my own space as well. This year I just want to write, read, and enjoy the little things in life. I want to stop trying to plan my whole life, because you just can’t do that! It isn’t healthy. I want to be more present in my own life. 

I am just going to take 2021 one day at a time, and I want to focus on the little challenges that I overcome. I want to celebrate every victory no matter how small or big. I want to spend more time off social media, and more time outside. I want to absorb some amazing books, and watch some educational documentaries. I want to focus on crime podcasts and use my brain to write my thoughts on paper. I want to journal all of my experiences, even if it is just me staying at home for the day.

2021 might not be the year we want, just like 2020 wasn’t the year anyone wanted. But it happened, and we will get through it. Things might be different in the end but it is still our lives and it is still worth living. So here is to 2021, who knows what it has in store. I am just focusing on today.

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