Midnight Sun // Book Review

This book was released about a month ago and I am finally finishing it.

(It was longer than that now lol I take forever to get around to posting my reviews!)

Why the hell did it take me so long, you may ask?  Because it is a hefty book and I didn’t want to just blow through the last book in this wonderful series.

When the book was first announced I saw everyone on bookstagram re-reading the other books in the series. I really wanted to do the same but was also terrified of not loving them as much as I first did. I never re-read books, so it would be weird to ruin the memories where I stayed up all night finishing these books in one sitting. 

The Twilight series was one that I was fully on board with. I loved the books, movies, everything about them! I never read the leaked version of this book, I couldn’t betray Stephanie Meyer like that, even though I totally wanted to!

Now that I have finished the series 12 years after the last book was released, what do I think of the newest book? Well I loved it. It was the perfect wrap up and really brought me back to my “youth” lol. 

My reading preferences have changed a lot in the last decade. I don’t read much fantasy anymore but since this was a series I was already fully aware of, it was easy to get back into it. I think the retelling from Edward’s perspective was really interesting. There were scenes that seemed to drag out in this book but was hardly touched in Bella’s perspective. I guess time also never stops in Edwards head. Since he doesn’t need to sleep, we are given just 24/7 thoughts. 

I am wondering if they will continue the retelling from Edward’s perspective for the rest of the series. I would love to read more of his thoughts when he leaves Bella and when he goes to Italy as well. While I did enjoy this book I think I could have gone without it as well.

It was fun to be immersed back into this environment but I was also content with the original series. So, does that mean I won’t read any other Twilight books that might be released? 

Hell no! I will totally read them, but I am not going to be reading them in one sitting, all night, like I used to as a teen.

What did you think of this book? Did you preorder it and read it as soon as it was released? Or did you cherish your time with it like me?

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