Magpie Murders//Book Review

I came across this book while wandering Indigo, looking for more books to read. Of course, they didn’t have the thriller books that I was looking for, but I didn’t travel all this way to not buy a single book. I came across Magpie Murders and was instantly intrigued by the cover. Who doesn’t love a good cover? It looked interesting so I bought it, it was an easy decision. 

October was going to be my spooky reading month and I thought that I would probably read this book then. Fortunately for this book, my previous spooky reads were a flop. I picked this one off my TBR just wanting to read any kind of crime/mystery novel. This book met all of those expectations.

It took me a while to finish this book, not because it was bad but simply because I let other things take precedence and knew that I would get to the book eventually. I enjoyed the characters, and the story a lot. It is a murder mystery story inside a murder mystery story. It is a very interesting concept, one that I have not actually read before.

In the beginning of the book you are reading about Atticus Pund, a detective, who is trying to figure out a case where a housekeeper murdered and then later her employer. I loved reading the investigation parts, where he was trying to gather evidence and talk to people around the town. About halfway through you get thrown a curve ball. You were just reading a book that a publisher was submitted. Then BAM, another death but this time in real life. 

I loved this transition and how the two stories are related. Susan is a great and determined character. She is compelled to figure out what happened and to also find the last chapters to this story. I liked the writing of the book, but it didn’t pull me in and keep me wondering more. 

There were a lot of characters and people between the two stories and I think it was necessary for the author to include such detail because so many people had the motive to kill these people. 

While it didn’t pull me in and keep me guessing, I still enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read crime stories, and try to guess who did it!

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