The Institute // Book Review

I am back at it again with Mr. King. This time with one of his newer books The Institute. I heard about this book from a friend who has been all over Stephen King. Probably one of his biggest fans lol. This is only my second read from Stephen King but it was much better than the first book that I read, which was Sleeping Beauties. This was a huge book and that totally intimidates me when reading but once I was getting deep into the story I didn’t want to stop. It just got better and better.

The book starts off from a police officers point of view. You follow Tim trying to figure out his life on his journey from Florida to NYC. He is struggling to figure out his next move and accepts a job as a Night Knocker in Dupray, South Carolina. I was really confused by the story starting off with Tim. I didn’t know what was going on and it just threw me off. The first few chapters are with Tim but then you flip to Luke Ellis’s life and that is when things start to get interesting.

Luke is such a remarkable kid, and Stephen King does such a good job making you feel like you know him as a person. As things are happening to him you feel his pain, worried, and confusion, My heart completely broke when he was kidnapped but not once did I worry that he wouldn’t survive. He is so intelligent and determined to find a way to get through this, he took note of everything happening and used what he could to his advantage.

The group of kids that Luke meets at the Institute are just as amazing in their own ways. Each plays such a different role in the group and together they are unbeatable. Whatever the Institute and its minions throw at them they are able to defeat it. The old lady caretaker was so sweet, and how the children looked out for her was adorable. It meant that they took care of each other and the people who were good to them. They didn’t just hate everyone.

I really liked this book because the story just continued to get better and better with each section. Stephen King does an amazing job on building this story, but his skills at ending haven’t improved as much. He does a lot better at wrapping everything up but it all does seem really abrupt. I wished we knew more about what happened the children in the end and where they were now.

If you love superpowers, conspiracy government agencies, and mystery books I would strongly recommend this one! It is pretty chunky but it is totally worth every page. If anything I wish it was longer! 4/5 star read for sure.

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