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The Institute // Book Review

I am back at it again with Mr. King. This time with one of his newer books The Institute. I heard about this book from a friend who has been all over Stephen King. Probably one of his biggest fans lol. This is only my second read from Stephen King but it was much better […]

Now Entering Addamsville // Book Review

Francesca Zappia did it again! I wasn’t totally sure about this book but I loved Eliza and Her Monsters so much that I knew I wanted to read something else from her. It was a little bit more fantasy for me then I am used to but I still loved it. There are many reasons […]

After You // Book Review

I have been putting off reading the second book in this series because my heart was just so broken the first time.

Midnight Sun // Book Review

I never read the leaked version of this book, I couldn’t betray Stephanie Meyer like that, even though I totally wanted to!

End Of The Year Book Survey // 2020

2020 has obviously been a tricky year for everyone in the world. I know we are all trying not to dwell on the shit storm of a year, so I thought I would talk about the positive things I did this year! To start off, this was my first full year tracking my reading on […]

Radio Silence // Book Review

Typically I write my book reviews after finishing the book because I like to have the full picture, as often my opinions might change once I know how it is all wrapped up but that isn’t the case with this review.

Red White and Royal Blue // Book Review

Seriously this book is everything I want and more! An obsession with England, Check. Snarky and passionate LGBTQ+ romance, Check. Difficult life decisions and betrayal, check check and check! It just checks all of my reading must-haves. I just finished reading this book and I am so warm and fuzzy inside.  People have been telling […]

My Dark Vanessa // Book Review

Once you get past the first 25 pages and get your bearings you aren’t going to want to stop reading this book.


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